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Our Guide to Leland Area Golf Courses and Experiences

Our Guide to Leland Area Golf Courses and Experiences

At its core, Leland, Michigan, is deeply rooted in its identity as a historic fishing village. Here, the echo of yesteryears can be felt through the narrow alleyways and the tales of old fishermen. Yet, Leland is not just about looking back; it's also about embracing the present.

Imagine waking up to the gentle lullaby of waves or watching the sunset cast its golden hue on the shimmering waters from your backyard. In Leland, waterfront homes offer an unmatched living experience, binding residents with nature in a bond as old as time.

Perfectly perched at the heart of the Leelanau Peninsula, Leland's strategic location is another feather in its cap. With proximity to both Traverse City and Glen Arbor, you're always close to urban delights and natural wonders.

As you contemplate making Leland your home, remember it's not just about finding a house; it's about finding a community. And for those with a penchant for golf and refined living, Leelanau County boasts some of the finest examples of Northern Michigan golf.. Stay with us as we tee off into the world of Leelanau’s premier golf destinations. Let the journey begin!

Leland Country Club

154 N 5th St, Leland, MI

Set in the heart of Leland, the Leland Country Club is a symbol of old  luxury and exclusivity. As a private country club, it offers a unique blend of rich tradition and modern amenities to cater to the discerning golfer. If you're keen on improving your game, their knowledgeable professionals are ready to guide you every swing of the way.

Spanning a vast expanse, the club boasts an 18-hole course, a driving range, and three meticulously maintained practice areas. As you traverse the course, you'll be enveloped in its seclusion, offering a private retreat that feels miles away from the outside world.

But golf isn't the only draw here. The clubhouse beckons with a spacious outdoor deck, providing breathtaking waterfront views — a perfect spot to unwind after a day on the green. Tennis enthusiasts are in for a treat, with seven state-of-the-art tennis courts and a tennis ball machine to practice those serves. And pickleball equipment is readily available for those who prefer a quicker-paced game, making the Leland Country Club fun for sports lovers and leisure seekers alike.

Bahle Farms Golf Course

9505 E Otto Rd, Suttons Bay, MI

In the splendor of Leelanau's undulating hills, Bahle Farms Golf Course is a public gem that promises a refreshing golfing experience for both the novice and the seasoned player. This course brings joy to the game with its dynamic elevation changes, challenging players to adapt and strategize with every hole.

The 18-hole course, sprawling across a generous 200 acres, is more than just a play of pars and birdies — it's a visual spectacle. As you navigate the greens, the panoramic views of Suttons Bay serve as a mesmerizing backdrop, reminding players of the region's natural beauty.

Manitou Passage Golf Club

4600 S Club Dr, Cedar, MI

Bathed in luxury and set amidst nature's splendor, the Manitou Passage Golf Club is a cut above the rest. This 18-hole course, an impeccable creation designed by the legendary Arnold Palmer, promises a game and an experience, making each swing feel like poetry in motion.

Perched between the iconic Point Betsie Lighthouse and Leland, the club has gorgeous scenery in the renowned Sleeping Bear Dunes. It boasts a luxurious waterfront resort, The Homestead, aptly crowned "Most Beautiful Place in America" by ABC's Good Morning America. Such an accolade speaks volumes of its breathtaking beauty and serene environment.

Dining here is an affair to remember. Members can indulge in private club dining at Café Manitou, where spectacular waterfront views complement every dish. Families will adore Whiskers, an Argentinian-style wood-burning grill restaurant. Whether inside basking in its warm ambiance or outside soaking up the sun, it's the perfect casual dining experience for all ages.

To top it off, The Homestead resort offers a range of accommodations, from a historic waterfront inn to a cozy lodge and a charming village retreat. Manitou Passage Golf Club is a beacon of luxury and leisure in Cedar, MI, with every amenity tailored to offer a slice of paradise.

Sugar Loaf The Old Course

4515 Town Line Rd, Cedar, MI

Immersed in the rich tapestry of Cedar's landscape, Sugar Loaf The Old Course presents golf enthusiasts with a canvas of vibrant colors, historical echoes, and a spectacular play. As a public golf course, it welcomes all, making each game feel like a reunion with old friends.

The course meanders gracefully around historic windmills, reminiscent of a time gone by. This unique layout, masterfully designed by C.D. Wagstaff, combines tradition and modern playability, ensuring a memorable golfing session every time.

Beyond the greens and fairways, the sensory experience at Sugar Loaf is unparalleled. As you line up your shot, the intoxicating fragrance of cherry blossom orchards nearby wafts through the air, setting a mood of tranquility. The course is further adorned with Northern Michigan hardwoods, irises, and wildflowers, painting each corner with nature's palette.

Northport Creek Golf Course

355 West 8th St, Northport, MI

Northport Creek Golf Course emerges as a beacon of sustainable golfing elegance in a world that constantly seeks harmony between innovation and tradition. Located at the picturesque end of the Leelanau Peninsula, this nine-hole marvel is more than just a place to play golf — it's a testament to eco-friendly luxury.

With the magnificent Grand Traverse Bay on one side and the azure expanse of Lake Michigan on the other, nature's grandeur accompanies every swing here. While meticulously designed, the course gracefully acknowledges its roots, using the region's natural contours and the legacy of the old farmland on which it sits. It is a playing field that's as challenging as it is scenic.

Yet, what truly sets Northport Creek apart is its dedication to sustainability. The course, pioneering a green future for golf, proudly flaunts solar-powered golf carts — a silent nod to the environment with each ride. Its state-of-the-art solar-powered irrigation system keeps the greens lush and marks the course's distinct identity as the first solar-powered golf course in the country.

At Northport Creek Golf Course, the future of golf shines bright, powered by the sun and framed by the pristine beauty of Northport. Swing by for an experience that blends tradition, innovation, and a whole lot of sunshine.

Neil Dumford Fun Golfing Facts!

Here are some fun facts about Neil Dimford from the Leland, Michigan luxury real estate experts the Robin Vilter Group:

  1. Golf Enthusiast: Neil, a dedicated member of the Robin Vilter Group, is not just a real estate expert but also an avid golfer. He shares a passion for both the housing market and the golf course.
  2. Birthday Ace: Imagine getting a hole in one on your birthday! Neil achieved this remarkable feat at the Leland Country Club on September 30th of this year, making it a special moment to remember.
  3. Champion Golfer: In 2021, Neil displayed his golfing prowess by clinching the title of Leland Country Club Men's Championship, proving his commitment and skill on the green.
  4. Local Courses Explorer: Neil's love for golf extends to exploring the many fantastic local courses in the Leland area. This is a testament to his passion for the sport and the beautiful courses available in the region.
Whether it's finding the perfect home or conquering the golf course, Neil and the Robin Vilter Group are dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences in the Leland, Michigan area.

Your home, your dream, our commitment

In the captivating world of Leland's country clubs and golf communities, each swing, putt, and drive resonates with a story, a charm, and an allure. And as your journey unfolds, remember that the Robin Vilter Group is always by your side, eager to guide you.

Whether you dream of a serene vacation home overlooking the green or envisioning a permanent move to this golfer's paradise, our friendly team of professionals is here to help. Your aspirations, questions, and dreams find a listening ear with us. After all, in the real estate landscape, it's about finding a home that resonates with your heart. Reach out to the Robin Vilter Group, and let's embark on this beautiful journey together.

Robin Vilter

Robin Vilter


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I was raised in Cincinnati but always summered on the lake in Leland. Being able to spend my summers up here was such a gift. Starting at the age of twelve we were able to drive the boat into town or to the yacht club or to a friend's house. My days were jam-packed. I would wake up and teach sailing school at the Leland Yacht Club from nine to one, then take a nap on the dock or the beach, shower, then drive into Leland in the late afternoon where I had a job as a hostess. My sisters and I did this every summer and when we had a driver's license we had more options for employment. I started teaching sailing school in Omena and working at night waiting tables at The Cove in Leland. We stashed away thousands of dollars every summer. Yes, we worked our tails off, but it really did not seem like it since we were enjoying all the beauty of Leelanau at the same time.

I attended Miami University in Ohio and chose creative writing since that was my easiest subject. I’ve not yet written a novel, but have started about five. After graduation, I bought the Riverside Inn with my mother and my sister. I later sold my shares when I realized that being a single parent and working late nights did not pair well with my mental health. It took a decade to raise my kids and go through two divorces.

I Earned My Real Estate License in 2016

By that point, I had bought and sold houses seven times over the course of twelve years. I had to be a real estate expert by then, right? The simple truth is I love real estate! Why did I even bother going to college? I felt like I should have been doing this since I was eighteen. What I love most about real estate is establishing great relationships. Each new client is a wonderful surprise. We live in such a small community, yet I get to meet new people all the time and usually, they turn out to be great friends. The other thing I love is the variety. Every house is different, every client is different, and it all comes with its own unique challenges.
I decided to separate from Coldwell Banker in 2021. Real estate boomed in 2020 and 2021. I managed a huge amount of volume pretty much by myself. Coldwell offered the power of a big brand, but I figured I could somehow make up for that. I took a big leap and joined Five Star Real Estate. The marketing group with Five Star encouraged me to build on my familiarity with the area. Many of the residents have heard of me in some way shape or form and I could build on my good reputation.
I chose Robin Vilter Group as the name of my business. We chose the robin bird as the logo for my name but also because of the symbolism. The robin is Michigan's state bird. It symbolizes hope, renewal, rebirth, new beginnings, and new projects, and is a sign of good things to come.

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